Using Our Financial Strength to Grow Your Law Firm

Your Strategic Funding Partner

Nera Capital are a specialist funding provider to law firms. We provide Law Firm Lend funding across various claim portfolios such as Financial Mis-selling, Data Breach, Undisclosed Commissions, Personal Injury, and many more. Nera Capital continuously introduce new claim types and are always happy to consider any new areas of claim that you may be investigating.

Alleviating the pressure on your firm’s cash flow by funding claim disbursements, we free up your capital and allow law firms to concentrate on the work that really matters, allowing your firm to grow and prosper.

Having a proven track record in delivering pragmatic funding solutions, our partner firms have achieved substantial growth in a short space of time, with the support of our industry contacts and funding solutions. We are more than just a funder, we are a strategic partner.


Prompt decision on funding facilities

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Build your portfolio claim book with our lending facilities

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Access industry knowledge through our established relationships

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Allows you access to emerging claim types

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Experienced funder with substantial financial backing

Our Team

We have a highly experienced and dynamic team with decades of combined knowledge in the legal and financial markets providing exceptional service, in-depth knowledge and strategic industry relationships to select law firms.

The experience of our team means we are able to deal with enquiries in house, allowing for swift internal decisions on applications and prompt deployment of funds.

We have track record of investing over £475m, in aggregate, into claims. Our success is built through our strong industry relationships, efficient processes, streamlined technology, clear communication and strong rapport and support to our clients.


£475+ million in committed funds


190,000+ claimants assisted to date


Decades of experience across litigation finance and financial services


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Law Firm Funding

Nera Capital specialises in providing funding to law firms who are running portfolios of claims. Loans are provided specifically to fund the disbursements on each claim, such as Expert Reports, After the Event Insurance premiums, Court  Issue and Hearing fees. The facility provides Law Firms with accelerated financing allowing them to manage larger books of claims and grow their firm faster.

Current Claim Types

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Personal Injury Claims

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Undisclosed Commissions such as:

Motor Finance Contracts

Business Energy


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Housing Disrepair

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GDPR Data Breach

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Japanese Knotweed

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Mis-sold Pensions

Costs Advance Funding

Nera Capital’s costs advance funding facility enables law firms to access valuable cash tied up in Bills of Costs and is designed to assist firms in the management of their cash flow, growth projections and can increase a firm’s profitability.

If a firm has won a case and served the bill of costs, Nera Capital can advance funds to the firm against the cost settlement that will be received in the future.  

The key benefits of a Cost Advance Facility:

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Structure of the facility is simple and quick to put in place

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Funding is easy to administer, with a simple drawdown process

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Repayment of capital is made only when each bill is settled so there is no 'repayment risk' to your firm

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Interest is paid in full when capital is repaid - there are NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS of interest

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Competitive interest rates

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No restrictions on use of funds

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Fast, responsive service from your dedicated Nera Capital team

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Empowers law firm with ability to reject low offers when necessary and wait for a true value settlement, thereby increasing the profitability of the firm


We are a leading provider of specialist funding solutions who work with selected law firms. We fund disbursements that are required to support legal cases on portfolios of different claims, which frees up your cash flow, allowing you to concentrate on the growth of your business. As a result of our input, Nera Capital client law firms have been able to take on extra resource to handle the expanding case load, growing their law firm in size and profits.

  • Unlock your capital – grow your business instead of concentrating on your cash flow. There are no monthly repayments required. 
  • Partner with funding specialists – allows you to be at the forefront of emerging claim types and share in the knowledge and expertise of Nera Capital’s key partners.
  • Efficient and streamlined application and on-boarding process
  • Access industry knowledge – tap into our experience and established industry relationships, which includes law firms, Barristers, Claim originators, Costs Specialists and ATE insurance providers
  • Support – we only partner with law firms who have a hunger to succeed and we work closely with them to achieve their growth plans.
  • IT platform – streamlines your funding requests and settlements

Contact us at

We will get in touch with you to discuss your business and funding requirements. After completing an application form and providing the required documentation, once your facility is approved we will prepare and sign a Loan Agreement. We can then have your facility established and funding available within days.

Each agreement will be structured dependant on the individual law firm, the claim type, level of facility and term of loan with the repayment advanced funds on settled claims being either an interest rate, a share of your fees / costs or a combination of the two. Nera Capital’s aim is to offer transparent pricing structures to all law firm clients, working closely with each firm to structure the right deal for both parties.

No, Nera Capital provides unregulated funding by way of a facility directly to the law firm. This is secured against the claims that are funded under the agreement entered into.

Yes, our aim is for your law firm to prosper and we will continue working with you to achieve your growth plans.

Nera Capital continuously introduce new claim types and are always happy to consider any new areas of claim that you may be investigating.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Our Commitment to Give Back

“The approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Nera Capital reflects our belief that we have a collective responsibility to be good members of our community. Through a range of CSR activities we are able to make a difference by helping others and we enjoy working as a team at the same time.”

Nera Capital’s CSR policy supports charitable causes and community activities, encourages sustainability and promotes diversity. Nera Capital supports a range of charities both by donations and through fund-raising activities chosen by the team.

Nera Capital is committed to achieving a sustainable and healthy working environment. The principles of sustainability are integrated into our business practices and are reflected in the way we source materials and in the choice of the suppliers and partners we work with. We are dedicated to reducing paper consumption and to recycling as much of our waste as possible. Our diligent Green Committee promotes responsible working through a variety of initiatives designed to reduce our impact on the environment. 

We operate a number of sustainability schemes across the firm including:

  • A Recycling scheme
  • ‘Turn it Off’ campaign
  • A paperless drive to reduce unnecessary printing
  • All office and cleaning materials are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers